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“Understand the importance of work design: Two projects conducted by the Future of Work Institute”

You are cordially invited to attend the jointed research seminar “Understand the importance of work design: Two projects conducted by the Future of Work Institute” presented by Dr Yukun Liu & Dr Florian Klonek from the Centre for Transformative Work Design within the Future of Work Institute.

Project 1 - The buffering effect of future time perspective on the relationship between workload and well-being: Evidence from a 20-year longitudinal study

Using data from a 20-year longitudinal study, Dr Yukun Liu discusses why the undesirable strain-inducing effect of high work demands may not necessarily be observed among all employees. Integrating research on work design and temporal perspectives, Dr Yukun Liu explains how the role of individuals’ future time perspective, a relatively stable tendency to adopt a future temporal frame of mind towards life and work, can medicate the negative impact of high workload.

Project 2 - Team ambidexterity: Introducing a process model and observational measurement approach

In this study, Dr Florian Klonek provides a clear understanding of how this tension of team ambidexterity (i.e., the tension between exploratory versus exploitative activities) emerges as a process within teams and how it can be effectively resolved. Building on the concept of contextual ambidexterity. Dr Florian Klonek describes a process model which suggest that team ambidexterity can be realised in different forms (i.e., intensive, distributed or phasic). Relatedly, he introduces an innovative observational assessment approach (Communication Analysis Tool) that captures the dynamic relationship between exploration and exploitation “in situ” when working with real teams.

The full event details are as follows:

Date: Wednesday 12 September 2018

Time: 12:00pm-13:30pm

Venue: 408:1019:LT


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