The Centre for Transformative Work Design welcomes visits from researchers from all around the world.

We highly value our research network, the exchange of ideas and the mutual benefits of our collaborations.

Here's what some of our visitors said about their time with us. Email us to enquire about a potential visit.

Giverny De Boeck

PhD Candidate at KU  Leuven​ (Belgium) - February 2018​​

Sharon Parker and Giverny worked on a conceptual paper on the dynamics of job crafting.




Loved joining Caroline to interview a Call Centre worker with Lynne sketching her, writing the story and seeing it featured on the website, I learned a lot about job design and I enjoyed the high-level content discussions with members of the Centre who, at the same time, were also very welcoming and warm. 

Fabiola H. Gerpott

Assistant Professor Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)​ - December 2017


Fabiola's objectives was to focus on her research, write in an inspiring environment and advance her research collaboration with Florian Klonek.

The climate at the CTWD is awesome! Everyone is absolutely supportive and I felt at home from the first until the last day. I particularly enjoyed the Centre Meetings and appreciated that I could present my research in one of those meetings. Furthermore, during my visit, the group was just trying out the Writing Challenge, meaning everyone would write for a set time of the day. I have never heard of this method before and happily included this in my own daily work routine. And last but not least, I of course enjoyed all the hot Christmas parties while everyone at home was sitting in the cold!

Jessie Koen, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)​ - July 2016

Jessie received a grant (KNAW, the Royal Dutch Academy for Science) to collaborate with Sharon Parker on a research project on proactive behaviour and job insecurity. Next to that project, the purpose was to meet and possibly work with the excellent OB scholars at the UWA business school and psychology department. Sharon Parker and Jessie worked on several projects, the most important one being a study on how proactive behaviour can prevent the emergence of insecurity in today’s labor market.

 It was great to be able to work in the research-focused atmosphere, and to learn from some of the best scholars in the world (such as Sharon Parker and Marylene Gagne). The close collaboration and social gatherings of the department made me feel at home and I immediately felt like ‘part of the group’ because we were included in everything. I went with my partner (who is also a scholar and had the opportunity to visit the UWA Business school as well) and our 1-year old daughter. It was a very positive experience, both in terms of research and fun.

Lisa Handke, PhD Candidate, Research Associate, 

TU Braunschweig, Germany (March 2018)

Collaboration with Florian Klonek (part of a joint German-Australian research project

on communication and work design in virtual teams).


It was great to get feedback on my ideas not only from Sharon and the CTWD researchers, but also the other visitors who were there at the same time.  It has helped me not only in submitting a review paper proposal on work design and virtual teams together with Florian but has also inspired new research ideas, such as blending the concepts of media appropriation and job crafting (thanks to Giverny and Maria!).

Lynne Chapman, Urban Sketcher​

Lynne was invited by Prof. Sharon Parker to work as Artist-in-Residence at the centre, for just over 2 months, shadowing various researchers. They interviewed a wide spectrum of people at work, while she drew and painted the individuals and their co-workers, as they interacted with their workplace.

I really enjoyed the variety and the sociable nature of the work. I was fascinated to get the inside-story on such a range of jobs, many of which were not at all as I expected, once we got beneath the surface. I loved the excitement of every single day being a new experience in a new place, and not knowing how I was going to cope with the challenges.

Is retirement bad for your brain (TEDx talk video) - Ross Andel 

Ross Andel, Professor of Aging Studies, University of South Florida, 

Director, PhD in Aging Studies program, Fulbright Distinguished Chair to the Australian National University (June 2018)

The purpose of my visit was to get to know the Centre, explore collaboration opportunities and explore Perth. You have a good centre with a clear mission.  I think I can see great opportunities for collaboration and I look forward to it. 

I enjoyed giving a talk and I had a good time exploring Perth. I really enjoyed Perth. This seems like a great area to visit or live.

Gudela Grote, Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, 

ETH Zürich, Switzerland (April 2018)

Gudela came to Perth as part of her sabbatical to work with Mark Griffin and

Sharon Parker on a number of common interests.

It was a fantastic two months filled with many inspiring discussions. The open atmosphere and intellectual curiosity by everyone was fabulous. I came back home with many new ideas and concrete plans for future research, but also with new friendships which are very dear to me.

Annika L. Meinecke, Postdoc at the University of Hamburg, Germany, Department of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

(September 2018)

Collaboration with Florian Klonek (part of a joint German-Australian research project on communication and work design in virtual teams).


It was fascinating to see how the CTWD works at the interface between research and practice. Although I do have a background in field research, the majority of my current research is lab based. It was a great reminder to always ask myself “how can my research help employees and contribute to better working conditions?”


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