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Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety (MARS) Program in the mining industry

The Landmark Study

About this research

The Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety (MARS) Program is a WA Government initiative that aims to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of workers and others in the mining industry. The Landmark Study is one of the many initiatives under the MARS Program.


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The Landmark Study was commissioned by the Western Australian Government to design and implement a research and evaluation project focused on the mining industry, regarding three focus areas:

Creating mentally healthy workplaces

By managing psychosocial hazards and promoting positive practices at work that support mental health and wellbeing

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Building a culture of safety and respect

With healthy, safe, gender-equitable, respectful and inclusive workplaces

Preparing workplace safety in the future mine

Addressing emerging risks and fostering innovation in safety by design, automation and artificial intelligence

Our approach


The Landmark Study will be completed over a four year period, including:

  • A mapping and scoping exercise of initiatives currently undertaken by the Australian mining industry, and initiatives that are applicable to the mining industry

  • A literature review to summarise the existing research

  • A workplace policy and practices survey to understand the initiatives related to mental health, respect, and safety that WA mining companies currently undertake

  • One-on-one, confidential listening sessions with workers and contractors

  • An employee survey of workers and contractors to better understand perceptions of mental health, respect and safety

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MARS - Our approach

To get involved in the Landmark Study

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Our advisory groups

Industry Expert Panel

We have invited representatives from peak bodies, unions, government and public health to join the MARS Industry Expert Panel. The Industry Expert Panel includes representatives from organisations, associations and bodies who are committed to contributing to meaningful change in the mining industry.

A key aim of the Industry Expert Panel is to maximise the impact of the MARS Landmark Study by ensuring that the research is guided not only by scientific evidence, but also that findings and recommendations are contextualised for the current Australian mining context and resonates with practices in the mental health sector.

The industry expert members of this panel will advise the project team on the unique challenges and issues of the mining industry, to provide feedback at each stage of the project, to connect the project team to organisations in the mining industry, to contextualise findings, and assist with disseminating findings and recommendations.

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Academic Panel

We have a team of senior academics who are subject matter experts who are established and well-respected in their fields.

Members of this panel include senior academics from Curtin University (School of Population Health), Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre and the University of Western Australia (School of Psychological Science).

The academic members of this panel will provide technical oversight of the methodology, contribute to selection of reliable and valid survey measures and provide advise on data analysis approaches, and review key reports.



Land Mining

This report will establish a baseline of current practices and experiences, through: a) a workplace policy and practices survey that assesses the initiatives that mining companies engage in to support employee well-being; b) an employee survey that assesses employees’ experiences in regard to the three focus areas; and c) employee interviews to understand the lived experiences of employees in relation to the three focus areas. Recommendations for improvement will be made based on the data.

Coming soon: Full report
Land Mining
Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety in the mining industry –
MARS Program Landmark Study: Workplace policy and practice survey

This report establishes as baseline of current pracitces and experiences, through a workplace policy and practice survey. The survey asked than 100 human resources and related experts about the initiatives engaged in by their current companies.

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Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety in the mining industry –
The Landmark Study: A review and synthesis of the literature

This report provides a literature review which provides an overview and synthesis of the current literature concerning the three focus areas:

Creating mentally healthy workplaces
Building a culture of safety and respect
Preparing for workplace safety in the future mine

MARS LMS Preliminary Report 1_COVER ONLY.jpg
Towards a healthy and safe workforce in the mining industry: A review and mapping of current practice

This report provides an assessment of employee well-being in the mining sector and develops an innovative approach to construct measures of employers’ prioritisation of three dimensions of well-being: mental health and well-being, physical health and safety, and workplace culture that protects against sexual harassment.

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Impact of FIFO work arrangements on the mental health and wellbeing of FIFO workers

Report produced for the WA Mental Health Commission (September 2018)

MARS - Our advisory groups
MARS - Publications
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