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Design for Care

Designing better work for the Healthcare and Social Assistance (H&SA) industry


Research report:
Psychological injury in the New South Wales Healthcare and Social Assistance industry: A retrospective cohort study

About this research report

Having a healthy and thriving workforce is critical in the Healthcare and Social Assistance (H&SA) area – aged care workers, disability workers, and other professionals in this sector carry out some of the most important work in our society.

To begin to address this challenge, we need a clear and detailed picture of work-related mental health claims and risk factors for psychological injury within this industry.

The Healthy Working Lives Research Group at Monash University (part of Design for Care) conducted a comprehensive analysis of NSW workers compensation claims data from 2010/11 to 2020/21, to examine the frequency, incidence, patterns and outcomes of psychological injury among distinct occupational groups in the HSA industry compared to workers in other industries.

The findings are outlined in the full report and contribute new knowledge that can support efforts to prevent injuries from occurring and minimise their consequences when they do occur.

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Report launch: State of psychological injury in the NSW Healthcare and Social Assistance industry
Tuesday 15 November 2022
The University of Sydney - CBD Campus

Design for Care research project will produce work design strategies to help prevent psychological injury amongst care workers

including but not limited to:
Design for Care_Characters-01-Nurse.png

Nurses and midwives

Design for Care_Characters-03-Aged-Disability-Worker.png

Aged and disability care workers

Design for Care_Characters-02-Ambulance-Officer.png

Ambulance officers

Design for Care_Characters-04-Social-Worker.png

Social workers

Previous report


Risk factors associated with psychological injury among Healthcare and Social Assistance workers in non-hospital settings: Systematic scoping review (June 2022)

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