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CTWD showcasing excellence in research at EAWOP 2019

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The Centre for Transformative Work Design and the Future of Work Institute were well represented at the 19th conference of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) in Turin, Italy between 29th May and 1st of June this year.

​​ARC Laureate Professor Sharon Parker delivered a keynote presentation Exciting times for work design theory and research: some new discoveries and directions on the first day of the conference, bringing the ever-increasing importance of Work Design to the fore. ​​

ARC Laureate Professor Sharon Parker's Keynote

The Centre continued on to showcase excellence in research with 13 paper presentations and one poster, winning the best paper award for Wu, Wang, Parker & Griffin's "Effects of prolonged job insecurity on Big Five personality change", and the best poster award for Bharadwaj, Dunlop, Parker & Straker's "An investigation of work-design and individual differences as antecedents of moral disengagement".

In addition, the Centre also displayed the Sketches of Work during the afternoon of the opening ceremony, with artist Lynne Chapman also making an appearance.

Congratulations to all the Centre's academics, PhD candidates, professional staff, colleagues from the Future of Work Institute, and collaborators who contributed to a memorable and rewarding conference.

Below is Sharon Parker's EAWOP interview where she talks about her interests in work design, and putting good work design in practice at the Centre for Transformative Work Design.

Here's a list of the presentations delivered by members of the Centre:

Bharadwaj, A., Wee, S., Dunlop, P., Parker, S. K. , (2019). Person-job fit in the theory of purposeful work behaviour: testing a moderated mediation model.

Liu, Y., Ward, M. K., Parker, S. K., (2019). The buffering effect of future time perspective on the relationship between workload and well-being: evidence from a 20-year longitudinal study.

Klonek, F., Liu, Y., Johnson, A., Nguyen, H., Parker, S. K., (2019). Not everybody thrives the same way: the impact of approach motivation on well-being and performance via growth strength in skill utilization.

Tims, M., Andrei, D., Iles, L., Parker, S. K., (2019). When do others support employee job crafting: A job design simulation task.

Andrei, D., Wenzel, R., Parker, S. K., (2019). Organizational level antecedents of high-quality work design.

Sijbom, R., Parker, S. K., (2019).Making the most of employee voice: how leaders’ achievement goals and voice target identification shape responses to voice.

Wang, B., Liu, Y., Parker, S. K., (2019). Stop the stigma! Understanding the bright side of social media use at work.

Wu, C., Wang, Y., Parker, S. K., Griffin, M. A. (2019). Effects of prolonged job insecurity on the big five personality change.

Hay, G., Parker, S. K., Luksyte, A. "Surgeons need freedom but nurses need rules": How identity shapes the work design of multidisciplinary teams. (2019). "Surgeons need freedom but nurses need rules": How identity shapes the work design of multidisciplinary teams.

Knight, C., Parker, S. K., McLarnon M., Wenzel, R. (2019).The work design profiles of employees in the Australian not-for-profit sector: a person-centered perspective.

Bindl, U., Sonnentag, S., Parker, S. K. (2019). “Managing your feelings to enhance proactivity: the type of affect regulation matters”].

Cangiano, F., Parker, S. K., Ouyang, K. (2019). “When taking charge creates work-life conflict: The role of intrinsic motivation”

MK, Jiaxin, SHARON, (2019). Leveraging work design to prevent careless responding during online surveys.

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