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Podcasts and Interviews

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The Future of Work podcast

In this joint podcast with Rebecca Cassells, Sharon Parker explores how the ‘working from home’ phenomenon has helped bolster Australia’s economy and how people can work most effectively from home to support their mental health.

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Working from Home: ABC radio interview

Professor Sharon Parker discusses the challenges of working from home and how to overcome them in an interview with Jessica Strutt (ABC Radio Perth).

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Seriously Social
Working from home: blessing or curse? Professor Sharon Parker has the answers (yes, there’s more than one).

Pyjamas, commuting from bed to your desk just minutes after waking up, no boss looking over your shoulde­r–working from home sounds like a dream. But what about the pressures from family, bad technology, and lack of support from colleagues? Professor Sharon Parker, from the Future of Work Institute at Curtin University, and Laureate from the Australian Research Council, discusses the Australian workforce’s adjustment to isolated work. Listen to her and host Ginger Gorman as they theorise about the future of the Australian workforce.

Hospital Cafeteria
RTRFM - Who cares for our healthcare workers? with Professor Sharon Parker

John Curtin Distinguished Professor Sharon Parker from Curtin’s Future of Work Institute is the project lead of the study and is here to discuss her research, its findings, and possible solutions.

How to use SMART Work Design to help your team thrive in the Future of Work with Prof. Sharon Parker

In this week’s episode, you hear from Sharon Parker, Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design at Curtin University. 

Working Together
HSTalks - SMART Work: Implementing better work design

Sharon Kaye Parker, FASSA, is an Australian academic and John Curtin Distinguished Professor in organisational behaviour at Curtin University. 

Land Mining
Mining Culture | Prof Sharon Parker & Dr Patricia Todd

Western Australia's mining sector is the lifeblood of the state, but it's not without scrutiny. Learn how the industry is using research to undergo a cultural revolution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its workers. 

In this episode, David is joined by Professor Sharon Parker and Dr Patricia Todd to explore how the government-backed Landmark Study can address serious cultural and safety issues in the mining industry, including sexual harassment, discrimination, poor mental health and new tech challenges. If you work in the WA mining industry, find out how you can get involved in the study. 

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