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Change the work

This is a true story. We can't change what has happened but what can we learn? What could have been done?

When is proactivity wise?

A supplemental video from the 2019 review by Sharon K. Parker, Ying Wang, and Jenny Liao, "When Is Proactivity Wise? A Review of Factors That Influence the Individual Outcomes of Proactive Behavior," from the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior.

Good Work Design Can Help Older Employees Stay Sharp

Can High-Quality Jobs Help Adults Learn New Tricks? A Multi-Disciplinary Review of Work Design For Cognition By Sharon K. Parker, Mary K Ward and Gwen Fisher

Psychosocial Risk Autonomy

Learn about Psychosocial Risks

Let's Talk Teamwork: Team Briefings in Operating Theatres

Ever wondered how team briefings can be implemented in operating theatres to improve teamwork and work outcomes? Let Dr Steadyhands take you through the five simple steps of team briefings in operating theatres.

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