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What is the project about?


This project, funded by the Western Australian State Government (details below), has as one of its aims to provide evidence-based and practical resources that inform and enhance the experience of flexible working. The resources provide strategies for employees, teams, and managers to maximise the benefits and reduce the risks of flexible work, and thereby help to support businesses, government, and not-for-profit agencies.

The project is part of the Centre for Transformative Work Design’s research program and supports the Thrive at Work initiative; both of which are part of Curtin University’s Future of Work Institute.
Research Grant Details

Parker, S. K., Griffin, M. A., Jorritsma, K., and Knight, C. (Chief Investigators).  Supporting health and productive flexible working. Project funded by the Western Australian State Government Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. 2020. C1128000380. 

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Flexible Work Resources


Evidence-based and practical resources

developed for individuals, teams and managers

A Guide for Workers

How to Make

My Flexible Work SMART

A Guide for Managers
A Guide for Managers

How to Manage

Virtual Teams

How to Lead Flexible Work:

A Guide to Successful Policy

and Practice

This guide provides practical, evidence-based strategies on how the worker can optimise their performance and well-being when working flexibly.

This guide provides evidence-based recommendations on how to effectively lead virtual teams to optimise team member performance and wellbeing.

This guide provides evidence-based recommendations on how to effectively lead and manage flexible working to optimise the well-being and productivity of employees.

Flexible Work Resources Launch

26 November 2020

Bite-sized resources

Breakdown of our guides, tailored for busy professionals



Is flexible work for you?



Work-home segmentation preference



Teams are ideal for problem solving

Additional Resources


Mentally Healthy Workplaces during COVID-19


These guides have been created by experts to provide practical tips and advice on helping employers and employees look out for the signs that someone may need support, and assist them to find help when they need it.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces during COVID

You can view and download by clicking on the image.

Daily video and blog series

1. Working from home: Why should we care about this topic?
Professor Sharon Parker introduces the series and argues that it is critical for Australia’s economy and the well-being of its people to promote effective working from home.
2. Set up your team for success during COVID-19 crisis

Professor Sharon Parker gives managers three tips for setting a team to work successfully from home:

1. Provide support | 2. Discuss how to work together | 3. Don’t forget the big picture.

3. Be kind to yourself: Self-Compassion in Difficult Times

Professor Sharon Parker discusses how, in the midst of uncertainty and stress, it is important not to avoid your emotions, to be kind to yourself, and not to judge yourself too harshly.

4. To dress or not to dress: Getting into a Work Mindset
Professor Sharon Parker discusses a key challenge of remote working-  the lack of structure in the day as a result of greater autonomy (agency). She describes research about how office dress might help.
5. High quality connection (And we’re not talking about the Internet)
Professor Sharon Parker discusses how to go beyond simple connection between colleagues and build high quality connection with respectful engagement and task-enabling behaviours.
6. Tethered or trusted? The “There’s no excuse not to be at your desk” phenomenon
Professor Sharon Parker discusses the importance of conveying to your workers that you trust them, to give them as much autonomy and flexibility as suits the situation and the person, and focus on the results your team deliver.
7. Switching Off:  Recovering After A Long Day At The Desk
Professor Sharon Parker discusses scientifically proven recovery activities to replenish the energy and resources you have used at work.
8. "I’m Bored!": How to make your work more stimulating
Professor Sharon Parker discusses "job crafting", a new approach of re-designing work to be more engaging and meaningful. 
9. Are you a Zoom Zombie? How to take control of your virtual meetings
Professor Sharon Parker explains how opting for a phone call or an email is sometimes more appropriate than a virtual meeting and when video-conferencing is required, it's important to keep it short, take micro-breaks and also allow informal chit chat.
10. Struggling to stay focused? How to boost your work mojo
Professor Sharon Parker explains how to regain your focus at work using proven techniques to improve concentration, and why we tend to fall for the "attention hijackers".
11. Returning to the office: Four F’s to facilitate re-entry
Professor Sharon Parker outlines the four F's to mentally prepare ourselves for a return to the work office: Fear, fantasies, flexibility and fun.
12. Life is short: Gratitude as we ease out of lockdown
Professor Sharon Parker discusses how gratitude can help with your overall wellbeing and undo some of the negative physiological effects of emotions (e.g. worry and sadness).
13. Best of Both Worlds or Confusion? “Hybridizing” Needed to Juggle Back and Forth Home-Office Working
Juggling between working from home one day, and then working in the office the next, is challenging and calls for new ‘hybridizing’ skills. Professor Sharon Parker shares some tips to optimise your adjustment to this mixed model.
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