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Dr Tristan Casey on industry collaboration and research translation

Tristan Casey from Queensland Office of Industrial Relations visited us this week and presented at our Tuesday Research Seminar.

Tristan has been working with the LEAD safety program (initiated with Rio originally) and managed to turn it into a fairly detailed training program being used in Queensland as well as collecting masses of data in Queensland. He is both a researcher (completing a second PhD at the University of Queensland) and government employee.

Tristan was here mainly to plan the roll out of a survey but he also gave an insightful presentation on translating research into education materials and managing government partnerships. He shared valuable lessons and tips that are highly relevant to what we do at the Future of Work Institute.

Three key take away points from Tristan's presentation include:

  • Be sensitive to trends with 'your ears to the grounds'

  • Sell the concept: Industry wants to have something innovative to get an advantage.

  • Collaborate with people that you enjoy working with and whose interests are aligned with yours

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