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Sketching Work Competition Exhibition

All entires

We were so pleased with the calibre of the competition entries that we decide to host an online exhibition of the sketches. Thank you again to all the participants for sharing their artwork as well as the story of behind the worker they featured. 

Abeleda, Diana


3 Abeleda Diana - FIFO Girl.jpg


Science Presenter

4 Aska - Science presenter.jpg

Azarenko, Ania

The Author

5 Azarenko Ania - The Author.jpg

Azarenko, Ania

Jewellery Master

6 Azarenko Ania  - Jewellery Master lres

Baxter, Katie

Amy the Waitress

7 Baxter Katie - Amy the Waitress.jpg

Baxter, Katie

Sam the Mechanic

8 Baxter Katie  - Sam the mechanic.jpg

Bhatia, Anita 

Fresh and Organic

9 Bhatia Anita -Fresh and Organic lres.j

Blomqvist, Sabine 

Watercolor Artist and Instructor - Painting in Tuscany

10 Blomqvist Sabine  - Watercolor Artist

Blomqvist, Sabine 

B&B Ancora del Chianti

11Blomqvist Sabine - B&B Ancora del Chia
12Blomqvist Sabine  - Wedding

Blomqvist, Sabine 

Wedding Planner

Chan, Rufina T

My Split Worlds of Optometry

13 Chan Rufina T  - My split worlds of o

Clapp, Noreen 

Tracy Finds Fulfillment in Caring

14 Clapp Noreen - Tracy finds fulfillmen

Cortez de Matos, Rita 

The Last Bookbinder of Beja

15 Cortez de Matos Rita  - The last book
16 Dittbenner Jyl  - Math and Science Te

Dittbenner, Jyl 

Math and Science Teacher

Peanut, Sophie


31 Peanut Sophie - Hairdresser.jpg

Peanut, Sophie

Sam - Car Mechanic

32 Peanut Sophie  - Car Mechanic

peanut, Sophie 

Amy - Waitress/Barista

33 Peanut Sophie - Waitress Barista.jpg

powell, D. kate 


34 Powell D. Kate - Upholsterers

rodriques, Tanya m 

Ophthalmic Technician


starr, sarah 

M.R. Starr Family Butcher

36 Starr Sarah - M.R. Starr Family Butch
17 Dittbenner Jyl  - Food Pantry Volunte

Dittbenner, Jyl 

Food Pantry Volunteer and Greenhouse Worker

Eichi, Dominique 

We are Dog Walkers

18 Eichi Dominique - We are Dog Walkers

Stephens, ottilia

English-Japanese Translator

37Stephens Ottilia  - English-Japanese T

Tan, bee 

Education Officer

38 Tan Bee  - Education Officer.jpg

Tan, bee 

Coordinator of Women's and Early Childhood Programmes

39 Tan Bee  - Co-ordinator of women's an

waechter, monique 

Story of a Writer/Illustrator

40 Waechter Monique - Story of a writer

williams, angela 

The Last Jar - Carlton

41 Williams Angela - The Last Jar lres.j

wilson, peggy 

Box Turtle Tattoo Studio

42 Wilson Peggy  - Box Turtle Tattoo Stu

gates-stuart, eleanor


19 Gates-Stuart Eleanor - Headspace.jpg

gates-stuart, eleanor
Under the Surface

20 Gates-Stuart Eleanor  - Under the sur

gates-stuart, eleanor 

Sudio Lab

21 Gates-Stuart Eleanor - Studio-lab lre

Goldenberg, Eileen P. 

Ceramic Artist

22 Goldenberg Eileen P. - Artist

haldane, chris 

Concord Florist

23 Haldane Chris - Concord Florist.jpg

khashchina, nina 

Martial Arts School - Taekwondo

24 Khashchina Nina  - Martial Arts Schoo

khashchina, Nina

The Cellist

25 Khashchina Nina  - Cellist.jpg

kulkarni, rohit 

Crown Mutton Shop - Bangalore Butcher

26 Kulkarni Rohit - Crown mutton shop Ba

kulkarni, rohit 

The Almost Fairy-Tale Workforce at Garmenting Unit

27 Kulkarni Rohit - The almost fairy-tal

lesage, marla 

In-Home Nursing

28 Lesage Marla  - In-Home Nursing lres.

Menon, Urmila 

Usha - The Super Homemaker

29 Menon Urmila - Usha - the super homem

Newman, Kathleen 

Cattle Buyer

30 Newman Kathleen  - Cattle Buyer.jpg
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