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Why we should move closer to the ideas of New Work when implementing new technologies

Our Director, Sharon Parker, has been featured on PERSONALquarterly!

PERSONALquarterly is a German-based science journal which publishes the latest scientific findings on the area of Human Resources, directed for HR professionals.

In the article "Why we should move closer to the ideas of New Work when implementing new technologies?", she advocated for the concept of New Work in relation to work design.

New Work is defined as the changed expectations of employees with regard to participation, autonomy and the creation of meaning through work towards a coaching, lateral and supporting understanding of leadership.

Simply put, today's workers expect their managers and employers to enable and support motivating, meaningful work that is not overly stressful for their employees.

"Whilst the full concept of New Work might be a bit radical for many organisations, and indeed it is more wide-ranging than what I focus on here, I enthusiastically welcome any moves towards creating work that people experience as more meaningful, agentic, and aligned with their interests," says Professor Parker, as quoted from the article.

The full interview can be found here.

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