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Research Fellow, Gigi Petery interviewed in article about upskilling mature workers

In a Seniors News article, Gigi Petery shared insights about the future of work and the value that mature workers bring to organisations.

Dr Petery said: "There are transferable skills which most mature people will already have just by living and having to interact with other human beings, such as different types of people skills."

The skills she lists that can give an older worker a competitive edge over younger workers are professionalism, loyalty, productivity, teamwork, organisational skills, time management, research, planning, communication skills including writing, speaking and listening.

"These are things that mature workers tend to do well," Dr Petery said.*

Gigi is part of The Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing and Research (CEPAR) team who is collaborating with interested organisations in new research into the mature workforce. This project aims to identify and develop successful work policies and practices that support the attraction, retention and engagement of mature workers. This will in turn benefit not only organisations as a whole, but also teams and individual employees.

*Read full article :

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