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Our first visitors for 2021! Meet Associate Professors Helena Nguyen and Anya Johnson

We were delighted to have visitors again, for the first time since the pandemic!

Joining us from the University of Sydney are A/Prof Helena Nguyen and A/Prof Anya Johnson, both of whom have collaborated extensively with our Director, Professor Sharon Parker.

Associate Professor Helena Nguyen is an Associate Professor in Work and Organisational Studies and co-director of the Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group at the University of Sydney Business School. Helena's research is multidisciplinary and her interests include the role of emotions and cognition at work, human performance, work engagement and well-being.

Associate Professor Anya Johnson is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Discipline in Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School. Anya’s research investigates how employees regulate their emotions and cognitions in the workplace, and the relationship between the design of jobs and teams and outcomes such as engagement, wellbeing and performance.

We interviewed them for our "Meet our visitors" series to get to know them better.

⭐️Tell me a bit about yourself?

We are both Organisational Psychologists by training – and started working together with Sharon in 2005 when we were both PhD students. Also, we are both Associate Professors at the University of Sydney Business School. We collaborate closely with Sharon – and are constantly inspired by the work she does.

⭐️What will you do / are you doing at CTWD / FOWI?

We are here to work on several projects. Some legacy projects we started working on with Sharon back in 2005 with the Prince of Wales Hospital, we have continued to work on (yes we are still collecting data for wave no. 8) and where we have involved others at the CTWD such as Florian and Fangfang.

Other newer projects such as the process underpinning the giving and receiving of compassion between a nurse and patient and the design of junior doctors work and the effects on their mental health.

We are also excited to work with Mark and the team at FOWI on looking at patient safety data and how we might analyse how they change over time.

⭐️What does the future of work look like to you?

A world of work that is much more complex and diverse and where our IO / OB skills will be even more important as we navigate these challenges

⭐️If you were a book or a movie, what would it be?

Well as we work together we would be “Thelma and Louise” ….or maybe “Dumb and Dumber”.

⭐️One thing not many people know about you?

Well, maybe we will leave this up in the air?

One is a competitive dragon boater and the other the other is an enthusiastic cycler. We will let you guess which one is which!

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