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Meet our Distinguished Visiting Professor, Maria Tims

We are proud to introduce Professor Maria Tims as the Centre for Transformative Work Design (CTWD)'s Distinguished Visiting Professor. Throughout her visit with us, she has collaborated on four research papers with our researchers.

She is originally from Europe and her recent visit to the Centre was part of a "research sabbatical" down under 🐨

We asked Professor Tims on what she thinks about the following topics, and about herself:

⭐️Tell me a bit about yourself?

I am from the Netherlands where I live in a small town called Hardinxveld Giessendam (try saying that out loud! 😉). This is a nice change of scenery compared to where I work: The Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

I am very happy to be able to visit CTWD in Perth due to its terrific vibe. Everyone is welcoming and excited to talk about research, and next to work, there as so many beautiful things to explore. The pictures are from a weekend trip to go hiking in Albany. It was stunning.

⭐️What will you do / are you doing at CTWD / FOWI?

I am working on several research projects that I have with CTWD researchers and try to make a lot of progress writing them up while here.

⭐️What does the future of work look like to you?

It is definitely different but work will not cease to exist. Change is constant but I can imagine our work is much more supported by technology so that we can fully focus on adding value.

⭐️If you were a book or a movie, what would it be?

🎬 No idea! Although Florian might have said something about the song “Maria” from the Sound of Music… ("How do you solve a problem like Maria?"🎵)

⭐️One thing not many people know about you?

I love to drive my motorcycle on a racing circuit.

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