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Hollywood Private Hospital - Supplies Department

Bruce: "I’ve worked as an orderly in hospitals most of my life. There’s never a dull moment. I like the variety and being out and about around the hospital. It’s different every day, like going on holidays!


Things have got harder with the job. There’s more to do as the hospital’s got bigger. Our team works well.  The guys get on together. We always help each other out."

Kenneth: "I’ve been here for ten years. It’s a friendly team and we distribute supplies throughout the hospital, so we mix with staff on the different wards. When it’s busy others come to help, so I feel very supported by the team.


I like the variety in this work. We change the wards we work with every couple of years. In that way we get to know other people around the hospital. When you get the products to the nurses they really appreciate it, and the patients get what they need. We are also given shares in recognition of our work for the company that owns the hospital."

Desmond: "I’m quite proud of my job. It helps the patients who come to the hospital. The supplies each ward needs are different, so the job teaches me a lot. I’ve worked here for fifteen years and it’s a friendly, clean place to work. The only challenge is when we run out of stock. That can be difficult."

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