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Designing SMART teamwork: How work design can boost performance in virtual teams

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Are you still stuck in lockdown, working from home or coordinating most of your work "virtually" with other team members and wondered "What could my organisation or my manager do to make my life easier"?

Maybe our latest piece of advice may be of interest to you then?

We take a work design perspective which involves thinking about making changes in the organization of work tasks, in activities, and in managing relationships with others. First, we give a brief summary of the scientific literature which has shown that work design can make a key contribution in helping teams reaching optimal performance. Based on this, we give advice and provide strategies for managers and organisations to support their virtual teams. We really hope this article is of use. We acknowledge that some strategies are "generic solution" and that this may not apply to each context and case. However, we are really curious whether our advice is perceived as useful. We are curious if you (as a manager) and/or your organisations have worked out (work design) solutions to support you/staff in remote/working-from-home arrangements. Please comment below or contact us and share your insights!


Klonek, F.E., & Parker, S. (2021). Designing SMART teamwork: How work design can boost performance in virtual teams. Organizational Dynamics.

Free publisher-copies available until April 11th 2021.

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