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CTWD welcomes new Research Fellow, Giverny De Boeck

Sharon Parker and the team at the Centre for Transformative Work Design are happy to welcome Giverny De Boeck in the Research Fellows team.

Giverny was born in Antwerp (Belgium) and graduated in Work and Organizational Psychology at KU Leuven. After her studies, she started a PhD on the realisation of human potential in the workplace at the Faculty of Economics and Business which she successfully defended in September 2019. Today, she embarks on a new adventure as she has just moved across the ocean to join Sharon and her team as a Post-Doc in the Centre for Transformative Work Design.

Her research interests are broad and cover both the domains of human resource management and organizational behavior, including topics such as talent management, personnel appraisal, work meaningfulness, temporality, and imagination. The goal for her Post-Doc will be to study changes in work design in light of technological innovation and how these impact employees’ work experiences. At the same time, she also hopes to unravel the cognitive mechanisms behind proactive employee behavior at work.

Giverny in Esperance, during her first visit to Western Australia

Besides looking forward to starting this new chapter in her academic career, Giverny is also very excited to reunite with the people from CTWD who she already met during her first visit to Perth one-and-a-half years ago. She hopes she can persuade them to join her in her favorite activities like sharing good food and wine from across the world, going to music gigs and enjoying movies at outdoor cinemas, and discovering the beautiful nature and wildlife of Western Australia.

Welcome to the Centre and the Future of Work Institute, Giverny. We hope you have an enjoyable and enriching time with us.

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