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Thrive at Work has launched!

Thrive is live!

A big thank you to the 100+ attendees who came along to the Thrive at Work launch on 16 May.

The Thrive at Work initiative combines decades of research into job design and the factors that influence people’s experience of work.

The result is a pragmatic and holistic way for workplaces to understand and take action on mentally healthy workplaces – for the betterment of employees, workplaces, our community and the economy.

The thrive initiative brings together a wealth of research into a simple framework that shows the role that workplaces play in mitigating mental ill health, preventing mental ill health, and – at the other end of the spectrum – promoting thriving.

The Framework has been created in consultation with industry –including consultation with over fifty organisations and the leading national mental health bodies.

The intent of the Thrive at work website is to present the framework in depth and help organisations to navigate their opportunities within it. A key component of the website is a thrive self assessment tool– which enables workplaces of all sizes to review the activities they undertake that contribute to wellness in each aspect of the framework.

The Future of Work Institute has written a number of in depth expert guides for workplaces commencing their thrive journey – detailing how to design work that helps people thrive, how to measure return on investment, track progress and seek employee feedback.

In addition, the website is a repository for existing resources by key mental health and safe work bodies around Australia and overseas – that guide organisations towards action in each area of the framework.

The Thrive initiative has been undertaken by the Future of work Institute with foundational funding from the WA Mental Health Commission and the Australian Research Council, under the stewardship of Professor Sharon Parker.

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