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Maria Visits the Centre

Maria Tims, a holidaying scholar from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, visited the Centre in October 2017.

Maria obtained her PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2013. Her research interests include employee proactivity, specifically in the area of job crafting. Currently, she is investigating how proactive behaviours can be managed within teams. Aside from proactivity, Maria's research interests also include development and temporary work.

Outside of research, Maria is active and adventurous. She enjoys exploring new places, riding her motorcycle and keeping active through running.

This is Maria's second time in Australia, with her first visit to Queensland. Maria has had many exciting experiences in Perth, but cites her visit to Kings Park as her favourite memory from this trip. She also loves the abundance of nature that Perth has to offer, especially when she hears the Kookaburra's call!

Click here to find out more about Maria, and here to read Maria's latest publication on job crafting.

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