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Let's Talk Teamwork: Team Briefings in Operating Theatres

On Sep 17 2017, Dr Laura Fruhen and Cheryl Yam presented at the ORNA (Operating Room Nurses Association) WA Symposium, held at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle.

Laura and Cheryl presented UWA's research on the impact of team briefings on teamwork in operating theatres. The presentation was well received, with attendees fully engaged in a conversation around how to implement team briefings in their workplaces.

Following the presentation, Dr Mark Strahan, a Specialist Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon, was also invited to share his experiences around Team Briefings in operating theatres. It was great to hear from a practical perspective how different members of the surgical team found team briefings to be a useful tool to help improve their work.

Here's a video explaining multi-professional briefings in operating theatres that Laura and Cheryl showed during their presentation.

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