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2017 Global Workplace Trends – A new report by SODEXO

A report on global workplace trends has recently been released by SODEXO, summarising, from their perspective, the most relevant and significant changes that have a potential to shape future workplaces and organisations. It is based on input from 50 subject matter experts from various backgrounds on trend topics initially identified by Sodexo. The 10 trends that were selected and further discussed were:

  1. The Agile Organisation: Striking a Balance Between Speed and Stability

  2. The Rise of Cross-Workplaces: Accelerating Innovation Through Chance Interactions

  3. Employees Without Borders: Understanding the Impact of Migration on the Workplace

  4. The New Gen of Robotics: How Robots Are Transforming the Way We Work

  5. Intergenerational Learning: A New Model for Talent Development

  6. Personal Branding Goes to Work: A Powerful Tool for Employees and Employers Alike

  7. Redefining Workplace Experience: Putting Design Thinking Principles to Work

  8. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Reframing CSR Through a Shared Vision and Common Purpose

  9. Unlocking the Potential of Millennial Talent: A New Understanding of What Drives This Generation

  10. Wellness 3.0: The Workplace as a Wellness Destination.

This report was designed to stimulate conversations and new thinking around contemporary workplaces and employees’ experiences. Here, at the Centre for Transformative Work Design, we are very interested in joining this conversation so we encourage you to share your ideas about future work trends in the comments below.

Different perspectives on trends and changes identified within different industries are informative for our research within Stream 1, where we focus on developing a research approach to understand the role of work design in the context of radical changes that occur in work and society.

The full report is available here.

An interview with Sylvia Metayer, the CEO of Worldwide Services at Sodexo, discussing this report, is available in the following podcast.

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