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New "go to handbook" on proactivity released!

Sharon Parker and Uta Bindl are excited to announce that their new Routlege book on proactivity at work has recently been released. Proactivity is basically about 'making things happen', or (more formally) self-initiating change to bring about a better future.

Adam Grant, the author of Originals and Give & Take, and a professor at The Wharton School described the book at the "go to handbook for research on proactivity", and Gilad Chen, University of Maryland Professor and Editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology, asserts that the book "provides a thoughtful and useful organization of a topic that is of theoretical importance ... as well as practical relevance".

The book features 20 up-to-date chapters written by world-leading scholars. As Parker & Bindl assert in their opening chapter, proactivity is "a big picture perspective on a construct that matters".

For information on how to order the book, please click here

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