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High profile award to our colleague Dr Alex Luksyte

Dr Alexandra Luksyte from the Management & Organisations School, UWA Business School has been awarded a highly prestige "DECRA" award (Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards) from the Australian Research Council.

Alex's research will focus on the growing challenge of overqualification, which is when an individual has more skills and knowledge than the job requires. Sadly, overqualification is an increasingly problem in today's work places. And it is possible that women, racial minorities, and immigrants are particularly susceptible to being overqualified.

Alex has received $370,000 to better understand "how to minimise negative and maximise positive outcomes of overqualification among all employees, irrespective of their demographics" at work.

Only 200 researchers across the whole of Australia, and just six within UWA, were awarded DECRAs this year. So we are especially proud of Alex's achievement!

Click here for Alex's recent papers on diversity and on over-qualification. For more details about this research, please contact Alex on

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