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The Future of Proactivity in Organisations: Academy of Management Conference

At AOM, one of the events involving our staff was a Professional Development Workshop on "The Future of Proactivity in Organizations", hosted by Uta Bindl and Sharon Parker. The PDW was intended to promote our forthcoming book about proactivity. We had a fantastic line up of panelists and presenters including:

  • Issue Selling – Sue Ashford

  • Feedback Seeking – Katleen de Stobbeleir

  • Personal Initiative – Michael Frese

  • Job Crafting –Amy Wrzesniewski

  • Career Proactivity – Sabine Sonnentag

  • Work Design and Proactivity – Sharon Parker

  • Leading for Proactivity – Deanne den Hartog

  • Consequences of Employee Voice – Linn Van Dyne

  • The Dark Side of Proactivity – Mark Bolino

  • Teams and Proactivity – Brad Kirkman

  • Proactive Personality – Mike Crant

  • Individual Differences – Wen-Dong Li

  • Pursuing Proactive Goals – Tom Bateman

  • Identity and Proactivity – Karoline Strauss

  • Well-being and Proactivity – Uta Bindl

Many participants came along to the PDW, and we had an excellent discussion about future research ideas. Several people commented that the workshop was a "highlight" of the conference for them.

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