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Effects of Proactivity at Work: Conference in Hong Kong

On July 7, 8th, a small conference "The Consequences of Proactive Behaviors at Work: New Directions” was held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Sharon Parker (Centre Director) was one of the organisers, along with Professor Cynthia Lee (Northeastern University), Professor Subra Tangirala (University of Maryland), and Dr Wu Liu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University).

We had a fabulous couple of days learning about new research related to the effects of proactivity. Keynote speakers, Professor Deanne Den Hartog (University of Amsterdam) and Professor Sue Ashford (University of Michigan) gave inspiring talks.

It was especially wonderful to have the chance to meet young scholars from around the world with a passion for understanding proactivity at work.

Sharon presented her and her colleagues' paper on wise proactivity, which is currently under review.

A special issue in Journal of Organizational Behavior is linked to the conference.

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