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Research on

Working from Home

The global outbreak of COVID-19 is rapidly and drastically changing how and where work is done, often with little choice for those involved. We aim to better understand how individuals and organisations are being affected, what new possibilities are being created, and how we can provide practical support for the intense demands that workers are experiencing right now.

Remote Managers Are Having Trust Issues

It seems that during the Covid-19 pandemic, some managers are having a hard time adjusting to managing employees without “line of sight.” Hand in hand with managers’ struggles, many employees are feeling the negative effects of close monitoring and distrust from their bosses. The good news is that these managers can be supported and trained to manage their employees more effectively from a distance.

Thrive at Work at Home


Aims of the study

This project aims to understand how workers are being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and how best to support large scale home working during this crisis.


We will explore:

  1. The multiple factors involved in influencing home workers' well-being and productivity;

  2. Employees’ level of mental health and well-being

  3. The strategies organizations and individuals adopt to cope with working from home.


4 weekly 30 minute online surveys followed by 5 monthly 30 minute online surveys (6 months in total).



This survey is closed from Monday 15th June 2020 to new participants. To all our current participants, we welcome your continued participation, and thank you for your contribution.

Without you, this unique and important study would not exist!


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