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CTWD Early Career Visiting Award

The Centre for Transformative Work Design is pleased to announce the launch of our Early Career Visiting Award. Applications are now open for Early Career Researchers wishing to visit the Centre in 2020.

Purpose of award

  • To promote links between CTWD and high-flying/ promising early career researchers that can help further CTWD networks and international reputation in the short-term and long-term future

  • To further strengthen the research culture of CTWD through the presence of (additional) dynamic, enthusiastic, and well-trained early career researchers

  • To promote CTWD’s reputation as an international research institution

  • To provide networking opportunities and mentoring to CTWD PhD students

  • To learn about practices of other research institutions and business schools that might be relevant to CTWD

Criteria for applicants

  1. High potential/ outstanding post-doctorates/ early career researchers that are interested in advancing work design research

  2. Quality, fit, and feasibility of proposed research during the visit (see 2019/2020 topics below)

  3. Ideally completed PhD or almost completed PhD, and less than 6 years post PhD (For PhD students, ensure you have your supervisor’s agreement to visit before applying).

  4. International candidates (i.e., outside of Australia)

Award level

  • Return economy flight & accommodation for up to one month. (Note: Candidates can stay beyond one month with their own funding).

  • Small stipend of $500 towards additional research/ travel expenses

Topics for 2019/2020 visits

  • Antecedents of work design e.g., detailed studies of new technologies affect work design and outcomes; extensions of the ‘poor work design begets poor work design’ study (Parker, Andrei, Van Den Broeck, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2019)

  • New outcomes of work design e.g., personality change studies using existing large-scale studies; experiments on cognitive consequences; neuroscience studies (see Parker, 2017 work design growth model focusing on cognitive, identity/personality, moral outcomes)


Minimum visit: 3 weeks; Maximum – subject to discussion


  • Candidates should submit their CV and a 4-5 page proposal outlining their intended topic by 31st July, 2019 to Sana Arslan. Candidates should propose what research they would like to do on the topic of work design during their visit, how they intend to do the research, and an approximate time scale.

Expectations During Visit

  • Collaborate on at least one paper or project on work design, working with at least one CTWD member as a co-author.

  • Give a research seminar whilst at CTWD

  • Being part of the every-day life of the Centre e.g., regular attendance at research seminars & research discussions

  • Providing informal mentoring to PhD students (e.g., informally discuss their research with them)

Further information

For any questions about logistics, please contact Sana Arslan. For questions about topics, please contact one of the CTWD post-docs or Sharon Parker.

We hope to see you in 2020!

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