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Sharing tips and experiences about having a sustainable academic career

At the recent Academy of Management Conference in Chicago, Sharon Parker was honoured to share the stage with Professor Jane Dutton and Professor Scott Sonenshein for a "Fireside Chat" organised by the OB committee.

Sharon, Jane, and Scott shared their tips and experiences about having a sustainable academic career. Jane shared with the audience some of the challenges around juggling family and career commitments, Scott advised academics to be focused in their decision making to stay productive, and Sharon recommended for young scholars to "go out into the field" for research inspiration and ideas.

One of our post-doctoral researchers, Daniela Andrei was in the audience. Daniela commented:

"For me, it was very inspiring to get a glimpse into the career journey of three seasoned and successful academics. What stroke a chord with me was the fact that neither of their career paths seemed to be straightforward, that they all encountered difficulties and challenges that are similar to some of the things I am experiencing myself. The discussion was open and candid, and even emotional at times, especially when the topic of balancing career aspirations and family came up."

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