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New beginnings at Curtin University

The Curtin Graduate School of Business building based in the Perth CBD is our new home.

The Centre for Transformative Work Design is now part of Curtin University’s new Future of Work Institute led by Professor Mark Griffin.

“The Future of Work Institute is a strategic initiative of the university to engage with the rapidly changing world of work through industry research collaborations and new learning opportunities. The Institute will be a hub for supporting and disseminating the many excellent activities underway across Curtin, as well as establishing new opportunities for research and collaboration,” said Professor Nigel de Bussy, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Business and Law.

Professor Marylene Gagne, Associate Professor Karina Jorritsma and Associate Professor Patrick Dunlop will be part of the Future of Work Institute, working with Professor Sharon Parker, Mark Griffin and the rest of the team to focus on people issues about future work.

The Centre for Transformative Work Design would like to thank the staff at Curtin University as well as Abbe Rorrison from CTWD who made this transition possible and smooth.

"We are very excited about the move to Curtin, which brings with it not only a number of new posts for CTWD, but also the opportunity to be located in the CBD, close to industry partners, as well as the chance to part of a dynamic and high impact university," said Sharon Parker.

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