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Fourth post-doc is here!

Dr. M.K. Ward arrived in May 2017, and is thrilled to join our team. M.K. hails from North Carolina State University where, in 2016, she earned a Ph.D. of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

M.K.’s work revolves around the themes of measurement, performance, and entrepreneurship. In the theme of measurement, M.K. has two foci: online surveys and organizational neuroscience. She has conducted several studies to investigate ways to prevent careless responding, a pesky problem that often occurs in online surveys. In terms of organizational neuroscience, MK has authored thought articles and book chapters on the topic, and is editor of a TIP column that dives into the most thought-provoking and cutting-edge ideas on this nascent research area.

M.K.’s more recent work has focused on early stages of organizations to improve performance in startups. Her dissertation asked and began to answer the question: how does the way entrepreneurs make decisions impact the performance of their organizations?

M.K.’s role in the centre will involve bringing an organizational neuroscience perspective to develop cutting-edge studies regarding work design. She also is excited by the prospects of helping entrepreneurs succeed by incorporating work design in her research regarding startups and small businesses.

She enjoys interacting with, listening to, and learning from each of you doing work and growing businesses. She had a small business herself, and is looking to connect with fellow entrepreneurs in Western Australia.

Connect with M.K. (here) to learn more about her research, share your work stories, and/or explain to her Australia’s rugby and netball sports. She welcomes the opportunities to interact with locals, and to get to know Perth!

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