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First Post-doc in!

Dr Daniela Andrei has officially joined our team starting this month. Daniela is originally from Romania, where she completed her Doctorate in 2010, but she is not new to UWA or to our team. For the past 4 years, Daniela has worked as a Research Fellow within the School of Psychology and has been involved in applied research projects on team leadership in extreme action teams, antecedents and consequences of safety culture and work design. In her new role, she will share her time between CTWD and the Centre for Safety (C4S).

Daniela’s interest in work design was sparked in early 2012 when she first came to UWA as a GO8 European Fellow. She started her collaboration with Prof. Sharon Parker on a review of work design in the context of time (see chapter here). She continued by taking a closer look at how work design affects different types of employee performance (see chapter here) and then joined Sharon in her endeavor to find who/what is to blame for the persistence of poor work designs in contemporary jobs (Parker, Andrei, & Van den Broeck, in prep - Poor Work Design Begets Poor Work Design: How Work Experiences and Life Values Shape Work Design Choices ). As you might already guess, Daniela’s main interest will revolve around Stream 4, but she is also excited to extend her work on extreme action teams and safety and well-being by using a work design perspective.

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