Thrive at Work at Home

Our evidenced-based guide and tips for successfully working from home
It's a difficult time

Some people are suffering from illness or the illness of loved ones; others are facing imminent job loss or change; and yet others are socially isolated or stuck at locations away from home. All of us are united in our deep concern about the implications of Corona virus for our society and economy.

Work plays a vital role in maintaining individual and collective health and productivity in this uncertain future.


One crucial work challenge, which is our focus here, is that more people will be working from home, often for the first time. There’s definitely some perks of this situation (no commuting being a big one) but there are also some downsides and risks too (the potential for more distractions, and social isolation, for instance). Some of the questions you might have include:

  • How do I stay mentally healthy whilst working at home?

  • How do I keep my team focused and productive?

  • What are useful steps that I as a manager can take?

  • What sorts of virtual meetings work best?

  • What can I do to maintain our positive team culture?

  • How do we replace the informal ‘chats whilst getting a cup of tea’ or ‘after meeting conversations?

  • How do I cope with the kids?

We address these questions, and more, in the coming weeks. Below are some initial resources, and we will keep building on these as we go. Each day, we provide a short video with a daily tip. Each of these tips will be related to the research evidence, which we will provide links to, along with other resources.


Participate in a Global Survey!

We invite you to participate in a global longitudinal research study on your current work experiences, the Thrive at Work at Home survey.


Even if you are not yet working at home, we ask you to participate, because we expect many of you will be soon (and if we capture your experience now, we can make useful comparisons with when you do transition). 

We will track how you are doing over the next six months, with one survey per week for 4 weeks, and then one survey per month for another 4 months. We will provide aggregate, as well as personalized, feedback along the way, as well as some vouchers (or opportunities to donate on your behalf) half way through and on completion.

Please help us support research in this area to help people to thrive whilst working at home! 


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