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Work Design and Entrepreneurship

Participate in our global study

Project Brief

How confident are you that your organization is structured to perform? Will the work design in your organization disrupt your growth before you can disrupt your industry? What data can you show to validate that your work design decisions and actions are developing your teams capabilities and setting you up to attract top investors--not causing burnout and bleeding talent?

Curtin University’s Future of Work Institute is conducting a study that offers founders/CEOs of high-growth start-ups over 30+ free access to tech and evidence-based frameworks that support visibility into who does what in their organizations, and how to fix resourcing gaps, cracks and overlaps.

For 2.5hrs over the next 90 days, share your thoughts on work at your organization as we walk you through guided reflections, and in exchange we’ll give you free access to Functionly and tailored reporting with benchmarks based on independently validated research. That’s US$1,800 in value.

You're most likely to benefit from this study if..
  • Your org is growing to keep up with your ambition, and the complexity of your teams and responsibilities means you're constantly evolving your org structure and resource planning.

  • You are a founder/CEO, senior executive or head of department

  • You have 30+ people who report to you

  • You will make changes to your team in the next 1-2 months

  • You’ve never been a customer or trial user of Functionly

If you don’t meet these criteria, consider spreading the word

and share a link to this page to other founders and executives.

Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study (HRE2018-0477).

Calling out all start-up founders and CEOs: Join our study!

Your Skin in the Game = 2.5hrs over 90 days


  • Use the Functionly intelligent org chart for 90 days (What is Functionly - Demo)

  • Have four confidential conversations: a 45 min baseline interview + 2 x 20min check-ins + 45min final session with the FOWI research team

  • Complete and share surveys: Share insights about your work and distribute a 5min SMART work design survey to your direct reports at the start, middle and end of the project.


What You Get ~ US$1,800

  • Free access to Functionly intelligent org chart for 90 days to help you with: functional alignment, team accountability, strategic mapping, and building your organization ~ US$300

  • An evidence-based assessment giving a data-infused snapshot of your work design without the noise. It gives guideposts towards maintaining your work design strengths, and visibility into work design weak points before they create problems like strain and dissatisfaction among employees.This looks like:

    • Personalized guidelines for good work design and how to improve the design and structure of work at your organization ~ US$550

    • Benchmarks of the SMART work design survey for you and your team. SMART is the leading work design model available worldwide. Developed by Prof Sharon Parker at FOWI, it’s based on decades of research ~ US$950

Project Lead ​​

M.K. Ward


Colleagues Brainstorming
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