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Working Across Life and Careers

Project Brief

Currently in the planning stages, WALC will be a large, on-going, nationally representative longitudinal population study consisting of approximately 3,000 participants ranging from early to late adulthood. The main aim of the study is to examine work and its impact on people’s lives over the life span. WALC especially focuses on capturing long-term effects (e.g., the effect of work over time on health, well-being, identity, memory, learning and cognition) and how the nature of work and workers is changing. Our findings are intended to support the creation of good quality work for all, and contribute to organisational and governmental policy on this topic.

Contact for more information: Caroline Knight


            Sharon Parker                   Caroline Knight                 Yukun Liu                       MK Ward

             Florian Klonek                      Daniela Andrei                 

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