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Leadership and Workplace Agility

Project Brief

Innovation—the introduction, promotion, and implementation of new ideas—is pivotal for building and maintaining organizational competitiveness. We are currently examining the role of leadership, personal agility and innovation among working adults in Australia and Germany. Our research provides two contributions.

First, we seek to offer a stronger empirical foundation for theoretical innovation-specific leadership styles.

Second, we assume that our research is important to advance the scholarly field of leadership as it will provide stronger causal claims for leadership innovation theory. We believe that it is necessary to replicate previous findings by using research designs with stronger confirmatory power. This is also important from a practitioner perspective. The popularization of any leadership theory in mainstream media can strongly influence managerial practice, which is problematic in case the existing evidence for a theory suffers from methodological artefacts, cannot be generalized to different populations, or does not reflect true causal relationships.


This project is investigated through an immersive leadership simulation in our lab.

Contact for more information: Dr. Florian Klonek

Who's involved?

Florian Klonek

Sharon Parker


  • Cecilia Runneboom

  • Meredith Carr


  • Fabiola Gerpott

A conceptual replication of ambidextrous leadership theory: Challenges and learnings from a 3-year journey

Dr. Florian Klonek, Curtin University discusses their aim to constructively replicate previous research with an experimental design, more rigorous measures, and data analytical approaches

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