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Sketching Work Cometition Outcome

We want to say how thrilled we were with the number and quality of the entries. We received 42 entries from 9 countries (Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Portugal and USA were all represented). We got to hear about a range of interesting jobs, including artists, dog walkers, mechanics, wedding planners, teachers, mine workers, community workers, textile factory workers, home workers, cattlemen, butchers, waitresses, bookbinders and upholsterers. It was a joy to open the entries as they arrived, and we thank all entrants for the care and attention they put into their beautiful sketches and stories.


As you can imagine, it was hard to make a decision, but we are pleased to announce our winners are:


First prize –  Deb Mostert (Australia) for her sketch and story on a Collection Manager from the Queensland Museum. Professor Sharon Parker, the Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design, commented:


“Apart from the wonderfully detailed and beautiful drawings and the explicit efforts to capture aspects of work design in the story, I love how the artist used colour to draw attention to the 'person' as that resonates with our focus on people as critical in the work system".

Lynne Chapman described the entry as:

"Exceptional: detailed, communicative and beautiful. The different processes involved in the job are captured with understated and fascinating precision. The text is always relevant and is well integrated with the drawings, so that the work flows seamlessly along both sketchbooks.

Second prize – Rita Sabler (USA) for her sketch and story on a freight train operator for The Union Pacific Railroad. Sharon commented:


“the story vividly portrays the joys and challenges in people's work, and I love how you captured his personality in your colourful and detailed sketches".


Lynne described the entry as:


"A beautifully captured portrait of an individual’s very personal relationship with his work. The sketchbook has excellent flow and impact with lovely, delicately detailed sketches which draw you in. The interesting text brings the job to life.”

As we were so pleased with the calibre of the entries, we are currently having all entries professionally scanned so that we can host an online exhibition of the sketches in the near future. This will take a little time to organise, so we will let the entrants know when it is launched and will post updates on Lynne Chapman’s and our social media platforms.


For those who entered the competition and included a self-addressed envelope to have their entries returned, we thank you again for your entry and we will have to ask for your patience. The professional scanner has only one suitable flatbed scanner and has over 84 sketches to scan for us, so it will take a little time to get your sketches back to you.  We thank you in advance for your patience.

Mark V.
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