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At CTWD, we seek to foster high quality jobs through rigorous and relevant research on work design on a wide variety of related topics.


Example topics include: team work, job autonomy, ageing workers, innovation, skill development, agile teams, and flexible working. 


The  Centre’s research crosses disciplinary boundaries, and is conducted in private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.


Methods we use include observation, experiments, longitudinal surveys, in-depth field studies, neuro-imaging, analysis of physiological indicators of strain (e.g., cortisol, heart rate variability), and big data analyses.


We are keen to establish links with scholars interested in work design research.


We will soon have visiting scholarships for exceptional scholars with a passion for work design research.  Please check back here soon to find out more.


With a strong focus on research relevance, CTWD is committed to partnering with industry across all sectors in fostering good work design. We partner with industry partners in numerous ways some examples of which are listed below:

Collaborative research.  

One of the ways that we work with partners is through collaborative research in which our research goals are progressed alongside the strategic goals of the partner. Sometimes this research is funded via an ARC Linkage grant, in which the partner contributes funds that are then leveraged into a larger amount of funding. Usually these partnerships are long-term, lasting for multiple years. 


Commercial research. 

Some partners have a specific need that we address through our research on a commercial basis. This might be a literature review on a particular topic; a work stress diagnosis; a systematic evaluation of change; or something else. 


Sponsorship/ donations. 

Partners who share our commitment to creating quality work sometimes prefer to support our research through donation or sponsorship, such as through funding a PhD scholarship or an international visiting scholar.


Engagement with collaboratory activities.

We run training and development workshops, think tanks, public lectures, and other activities in our Collaboratory.


If good work design, and evidence-based practice or policy, matters to you, then partner with us today by contacting us.

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