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SMART Work Design Training

For individual learners

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Curtin Credential: Motivation at Work

for individuals (Online)

Motivate your workplace post-pandemic using the latest theories, strategies and tools.

This credential analyses what drives people to work well, and teaches you the contemporary theory and practical skills to increase motivation in your workplace. You’ll be introduced to Self-Determination Theory and understand how to apply its principles to enhance employee well-being and productivity in your organisation.

Facilitator: John Curtin Distinguished Professor Marylène Gagné

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Curtin Credential: SMART Work Design

for individuals (Online)

How can we rethink the way we work to increase job satisfaction and the wellbeing of employees, and improve productivity?

You will explore the SMART framework to create and redesign jobs to increase satisfaction, reduce stress and lead to a flourishing organisation.

Facilitator: Dr Cheryl Yam and Dr Madison Kho

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