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"Lauries" Get Together In Canberra

Last week, Sharon Parker attended 2 two day event at the Australian Research Council offices for ARC Laureate Fellows (referred to by the ARC staff as 'the lauries'). On the first day, the female laureates who have a special ambassadorial role of promoting women in research, the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Fellows (social science) and the Georgina Sweet Fellows (science), came together with senior staff to meet each other and to share their ideas. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear about all of the terrific initiatives that these special laureates have introduced, such as visiting schemes and mentoring programs.

On the second day, all of the 2016 laureates met together to learn more about the scheme, and to hear from existing laureates.

It was an inspiring and informative couple of days.

For more about the ARC Laureate Scheme, see here:

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