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Great Reviews for "Psychology at Work"

This year, we launched an online course called "Psychology at Work". Hosted by Coursera, our free six week course covers the topics of individual differences, motivation, teamwork, leadership, work design, and safety.

Participants from all over the world have enjoyed the course and found it very useful. Here is a small selection of comments:

"My name is Tunde, a Health Service Manager in a leading Women and Children Hospital in the heart of Africa (Lagos, Nigeria).... I have been in different employment within the last 10 -12 years, from banking to consulting and hospitality as Administrative/Operational Head and Business Development Manager.... I took the course to further improve and widen my knowledge in people management.... I love the whole concept... the extra materials given and the session with researchers. In fact I adapted a few things from the whole program design to a Learning and development unit at my work place. Special thanks to all the instructors and thumbs up to the program developers!"

Hi, I'm Georgia living in Athens, but I have lived for some years in Australia in the past. I really enjoyed the course and I would like to thank all the teachers and the people that are involved in this course. I was able to get a lot of information and insight on this very important subject of work. I learned about motivation, designing a better workplace, being productive and how to be a better employee myself. The information was clear, on the point and very easy to comprehend. Thank you again!

Hi, I am Perumalu ... from Malaysia. When this course was offered online I quickly registered. The course is well structured taking through the various aspect of psychology at work including many online surveys and self reflections. It definitely enriched me in dealing with others and the frameworks within which i work. It is interesting to note that above all I understand myself a little better. Many thanks to Professor Sharon Parker and the team to structure such a beautiful course for the global community.

My name is Srihari and I live in Mumbai India and am a delivery professional on the IT/ITES side working for a large US based Risk and Outsourcing firm. I take care of multinational clients and their service delivery and also lead teams. I am of the firm belief that employees create value and if you are able to unlock the passion that employees have then you can create great customer outcomes. ... This course has broadened my perspective and understanding and I am keen to apply some of the learnings in real world situations and look to influence positive outcomes. Thank you so much for sharing all your valuable insights. It was one great learning experience.

To enrol in Psychology at Work, go to:

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