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Connecting With Young Workers

As part of our study on work design amongst young Western Australians, the Raine Work Design study, we offered participants a personalised feedback report on their personality, their work design, and their well-being.

To help participants understand their feedback we recently held two feedback workshops at the Accelerated Learning Laboratory. Approximately 60 Raine participants attended the sessions.

After a warm up activity, Dr Patrick Dunlop described the HEXACO model of personality, which includes Humility, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness. Participants learnt what each of these personality aspects are, and why they matter. They considered their own scores on the dimension.

Next Professor Sharon Parker presented a brief session on work design. She discussed what makes a "good job", and then each person considered their own job in terms of its demands and resources. An interesting activity was when participants were asked to choose a picture representing their job.

Participants greatly enjoyed the workshop. Example comments: "Great opportunity".... "Loved it".... "the interactive component was very engaging and informative, and great to get some explanations of the data"... "valuable".... "fantastic information"...

With thanks to: Anu Bharadwaj, a PhD student working on the project, for organising the sessions; Dr Anja van den Broeck for designing the feedback reports; and other members of the Raine Study team and the UWA team for their assistance.

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