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MARS Landmark Study in the mining industry
Insights from the Worker Survey and Interviews

2024 CTWD Conference with logos.png

Thank you to all conference attendees

For the overwhelming success of the 2024 Centre for Transformative Work Design Conference, themed 'Work Design for Success: Innovative Research and Leading-Edge Practice'.


Quality Research

We conduct high quality, independent and innovative research to understand the role of work design in generating healthy and productive work. We are committed to fostering the design of good work across all industries. Good work design creates healthier lives, unlocks human capability and supports a skilled economy.

To find out more about our research visit:


Want to learn more?

Amongst other activities, we produce resources about work design for educators, researchers, managers, workers, and the community. 

Centre Launch

On Monday 5 November 2018, the Centre for Transformative Work Design celebrated its move to the heart of the historic Perth CBD with a launch event showcasing original artwork from our Artist in Residence this year, Lynne Chapman.


We were delighted and proud to share our sketches, stories and current research projects with colleagues, collaborators and friends.


The photos of the event reflect well the engaging and pleasant atmosphere of the evening.

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