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Strategic Planning for SMARter Work

For organisations (Online)


About this Workshop

This course will focus on adopting a strategic perspective towards work design and how work is conducted through organisational-wide initiatives.

We will build on foundational knowledge about work design to concentrate on ways of shaping and influencing how work is conducted through organisational policy, strategic HR practices, ICT alignment and other organisational wide initiatives.


Designed for those looking to influence work design through organisational wide strategies, participants will examine multi-level influences on work design. This workshop will allow participants to deep dive into the mechanisms that can be used to shape better work for employees, including formal job descriptions, leadership styles, technology, policies and practices, culture, organisation design/strategy, and occupational demarcations. Participant will have a chance to conduct strategic analysis of levers for change, exploring success factors through analysis of key case studies.


After completing this workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of how to successfully achieve SMART work design across their organisation or business unit as a whole. The workshop will also assist participants in developing an action plan for follow-up steps.


If your organisation has completed a Thrive at Work Survey, or a SMART Work Survey, we will help you conduct in-depth analysis and interpretation of how the work across your organisation aligns with the SMART model. 

Learning outcomes:

  • A recap on what work design is, the SMART work model, and why work design matters

  • Understanding of multi-level influences on work design

  • Strategic analysis of key levers for change in the participant’s organisation

  • Strategic planning for improving work design within an organisation

  • An analysis of your organisation’s existing work design (if data is available)


Start dates: Enrol immediately

Duration: 3 hours (online)


Participants need to have completed 'SMART Work Design Essentials'


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