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Work Design Stories

Immerse yourself in our stories as we get an insightful perspective on the way our participants' jobs are designed.



Jeremy - The Happy Tip Attendee


Contact Centre - Helping people with their debts

Rose - Inspired Contact Centre worker


Tim - The Mine Production Team Supervisor

Munya - The Senior Project Manager on a Minesite

John - The Mine Superintendent

Astrida - The Dump Truck Operator on a Minesite

Aircrew - Not your Usual 9 to 5 Job

Theo - The Call Centre Employee



Francis - The Frustrated Academic

Team Seminars - Thinking Collaboratively for Better Research

Enlightening Others on Good Work Design


Emma, the Passionate School Principal

Jane, the Primary School Teacher

Pressures of being a School Principal


Videoconferencing in Pilbara Classroom

Implementing Virtual Learning



Beth - The Stereotyped Childcare Educator

Halil - The Man in a World of Babies


Aged Care - 'Time is gold here'


Freelancers, Business owners, SelF-Employed

Giulia - The Gypsy Dancer

Stacey - the Professional Dancer

Stacey - the Abused Dancer?


Gig workers - The Pros and Cons of Delivering Food

Technology to replace shearers?

Adeib - The Airtasker

Social co-working spaces

Innovator / Entrepreneur

Cafe Owner

Beauty Therapist Entrepreneur

Demanding Work of Spa Treatments

Care-free Spa Experiences for Clients

Entrepreneurs: Growing work for people

New technology, new work

Exploding Information Processing Demands at Work



Surgery - Becoming a team in minutes

The Emotional Labour of being a Surgeon


Power of Technology and Team Work to cope with Clinicians' complex work

Solving Undiagnosed Diseases with De-Centrealised Knowledge Sharing

Patient Archive to Augment Human Work

Hollywood Private Hospital - Supplies Department

Hollywood Private Hospital - Central Sterile Services Department


Robyn - Volunteer Exercise Instructor

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