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Our Sketches displayed at Thank you for Working in Aged Care Day

Aged Care workers do a fantastic job and are an integral part of our community. Unfortunately, they are often undervalued and unrecognised and that's why the organisation Our Turn to Care wanted to celebrate their hard work, to let them know they are appreciated and to say thank you for caring.

Last week we joined their vibrant event Thank You for Working in Aged Care at the Northbridge Piazza and it was a lovely surprise to see the aged care worker we featured in our Sketching Work Design project. Earlier this year, our Artist in Residence, Lynne Chapman sketched the Aged Care worker on the job and during our interview, when she shared some insights on why she chose this challenging career:

‘I do love caring for people, especially those in need... I have compassion to share. If you don’t care, it’s not good. In this job, you need to care. You need to look after the residents [in the way that] I want for me when I grow old’.

The sketches were on display at the event, giving the audience an authentic and artistic perspective on what it is like to work in aged care.

It was uplifting to see everyone having a great time dancing, chatting and celebrating at the event. The Premier, Mark McGowan was also in attendance and was very solicited for selfies and quick chats. Our 'star' carer was delighted by the festivities organised to honour her work and that of her peers.

Sky Rebbettes-Gordy from Our Turn to Care said:

"The sketches taken in action beautifully encapsulate the work that many aged care workers do on a daily basis that we want to showcase and celebrate."

From our perspective, it is rewarding to see our sketches serve such a noble cause and find an audience the sketches will resonate with.

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