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French post redesigned the job of post workers and made it more meaningful

post man and elderly woman

Ever wondered when was the last time that you wrote a letter to a friend or a family member and used the post service for it?

Given that electronic communication is so much more convenient, the quantity of letters that are sent and delivered every day has dramatically decreased over the last two decades.

These profound changes are also a good example of how our "digital society" has changed the work design of postmen/women. With less letters to deliver, the job demands, that is the overall workload to carry out postages, are also reduced. While this may be perceived as a threat to job security to some of our postmen/women, the French Post has taken a much more proactive approach and redesigned their jobs.

They offer a service called "Veiller sur mes parents" which means "Take care of my parents".

This service enriches the social work characteristics of postmen/women by giving them tasks that require stronger social interactions with elderly residents (e.g., regular visits, carrying out purchases, or even handyman services).

This new service seems to have benefits for not only those residents that require additional assistance but also makes the job of a postmen/women more meaningful and enriching.

Chapeau France!

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