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Good Work in the Media! The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices in the UK has been published!

The British government yesterday published a review considering the implications of new forms of work (think flexible / virtual / remote working, the gig economy etc.) on worker rights and responsibilities, and employer freedoms and obligations. It makes 7 recommendations to address the challenges facing the UK labour market today (see p. 9), and defines quality work as ‘ensuring all work [in the UK] is fair and decent with realistic scope for development and fulfillment’ (p. 10).

The review considers many different aspects under “Good work”, which are also aspects contributing to good work design: wages, employment quality, education and training, working conditions, work life balance and consultative participation and collective representation.

While the report may present a superficial picture of modern working practices in the UK, it does highlight the importance of good work design and quality jobs for the health and productivity of individuals and organisations. By raising awareness of these issues, the design of good work can become instrumental in the development of new national policies and procedures. The importance of continuing to research work design, it’s causes and effects, is clear.

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