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"Psychology at Work" about to re-start!

Want to learn more about motivation, leadership, safety, teams, work design, and related topics?? The next run of our free, openly available online Coursera program, Psychology at Work, is just about to start! For anyone interested to join, please go here:

Here are some sample reviews:

"This course has become so influential in my way of viewing people as a true asset to the world and how to solve it's problems that I am researching further how to best filter out the concept of mastery as a motivator for people in all tasks and writing my dissertation in this area. I am truly excited to find out more about how we operate and how isolating personal wellbeing as a fundamental element of our success might bring about positive change in the world".

"A perfect course to understand a typical workspace psychology and an engaging approach to deliver knowledge. I had a lot of fun learning this course"

"Excellent return on the investment of my time and exceeded my expectations. I wish to thank the academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students from the School of Psychology and Business School who contributed to this investigative and inspiring course".

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