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Image by Marten Bjork

How would you design work for others?

Project Brief

Did you ever wonder how the new virtual way of working might change the quality of our jobs? This is exactly what we are interested in. To better understand this question, we are conducting a research study on this topic.


Participate in our research on how distance (that is, remotely versus face-to-face working) affects how people make decisions about designing work for others.


We are currently recruiting participants for our research study which involves a work simulation focusing on this question. The 25–30-minute work simulation is an online experiment where you are taking over the role to design work for others. We will also ask you questions focusing on how you think and behave towards co-workers in this work simulation.


For this research, we are particularly interested in professionals who have to make decisions around designing jobs in their jobs (e.g., HR professionals / managers / entrepreneurs), although. However, the study is open to working and non-working participants.


This research is part of a student project conducted by Eunice Lai which is supervised by Dr. Florian Klonek and Dr. Fangfang Zhang.


By completing this study, you have the opportunity to win a prize draw for a voucher valued at $48 and the opportunity to gain valuable insight into how work design decisions are made.

Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study (HREC number HRE2018-0477).

Who's involved?


Florian Klonek


Fangfang Zhang


  • Eunice Lai

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