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The Centre's Collaboratory is the vehicle for ensuring that our research is meaningful and impactful.


The Collaboratory is where we engage with workers, employers, managers, policy-makers, and the community with regard to our research.


Amongst other activities, the Collaboratory generates important resources about work design for educators, researchers, managers, workers, and the community. 


All Collaboratory activities are underpinned by research, and all the Centre's research is shaped by insights from the Collaboratory in a positive cycle.


We provide guidance and resources to support:

  • An evidence-based approach to work design within the workplace;

  • Sound policy making;

  • Employees and the community.

How can we help?

  • Running training & development workshops;

  • Leadership development;

  • Diagnosing work design within organisations; 

  • Support implementing and evaluating work redesign;

  • Development of measurement tools;

  • Policy papers;

  • Think-tanks.

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Thrive at Work Logo Alternate Tagline RG

Thrive at Work is a world-first well-being initiative centred on designing work that helps employees, organisations and industry to thrive.

Led by the Future of Work Institute at Curtin University, Thrive at Work has been developed with leading mental health bodies – for and with, businesses.

The Thrive at Work initiative is based upon an integrated, evidence-based framework and underpinned by decades of research on work design. The framework explains how we can support people in workplaces to get well (Mitigate Illness), stay well (Prevent Illness) and be the best they can be (Promote Thriving).

Thriving employees create thriving organisations.

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